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Friday, March 1


Great Lakes. Great Activity, Great Fun Emerald AKevin Frailey BIOMES AND INVASIVE SPECIES Heritage RoomBill Cline • Shannon Mareski Guiding Ecological Investigations: Students Learn Science Practices and the Nature of Science Grandview AChristopher Dobson Swimming in Great Lakes Fisheries Science Education Opportunity Grandview B/CTracy D'Augustino • Brandon Schroeder Building a classroom culture through Routines Thornapple RoomMary Starr Consensus Meetings in Science: Making Student Thinking Visible & Incorporating Student Voice Pullman RoomTiffany Henfling Cut It, Stab It, Slice It, Dice It: Using the Potato in the Science Classroom Governor's RoomDave Mastie From Cookbook -- NGSS! Imperial BallroomJim Clark • Samantha Johnson Getting Students to Argue - Encouraging Discussion for All Students Pearl RoomRichard Bacolor Science Modeling: The Growing Pains and Gains of My First Year Plaza Boardroom ALynnelle Buchanan The Matrix, Fully Loaded: Sharing Best Practice in the Science Classroom Winchester RoomLucinda Martinelli Low Stakes Assessment: Provide a low risk opportunity for students to assess their learning while reducing teacher workload! Riverview RoomCindy Drake Using instructional videos to enhance student success in an elementary science classroom Ruby RoomCatherine Hamilton Argument-Driven Inquiry in the High School Classroom Pantlind BallroomVictor Sampson Using Design and Build projects to Teach NGSS Science and Engineering Practices Vandenberg BDerek Maynard Go Play Outside...but Why? Nature Disconnect and our Kids Emerald BBecky Durling Science in Service Vandenberg ADaniel Geoghegan • Kathryn Gross Engineering - Literally! Ottawa RoomCheryl Matas Taking the Fear Out of Using Statistics in the Biology Classroom Using HHMI Biointeractive Resources Kendall RoomMark Eberhard Powerful Tools for ALL classrooms: Question Boards, Scientific Models, and Productive Talk! Nelson RoomJessica Ashley • Amy Bohm • Andrea Brook • Pamela Moreman Using Phenomena to Drive Student Learning Ford BallroomHolly Hereau • Wayne Wright Science and Art - Corpus Callosum - The power of collaborating with art teachers Atrium RoomChelsea Nester Helping students use systems thinking in the classroom and everyday life Haldane RoomJaime Ratliff • Lindsey Watch


Human Population: Past, Present and Future Plaza Boardroom ALarry Feldpausch Real Biology Teachers Take Kids Outside Emerald BWilliam Hodges Developing Science Process Skills through Citizen Science & Schoolyard Investigations Fine Arts RoomKathleen Dougherty Utilizing Virtual Experiences to Teach Geography in the Elementary Classroom Grandview B/CEric Nephew • Mark Schlaudt THE ROCK CYCLE Heritage RoomBill Cline • Lisa Kelp "Talking" Science Pearl RoomAshley Chiado • Lyndsay Mahar • Katie Stevenson Keynote - Transformative Teaching: Teachers as Agents of Change Pantlind BallroomJim Clark • Samantha Johnson Learning Target in NGSS Ottawa RoomHeather Robotham Take Your Students Outside to Engineer! Vandenberg BChristine Kelly Wildlife CSI to Teach Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Emerald AJon Gray PHYSICS is for EVERYONE Vandenberg ASandra Brough-Gresh Using Anchoring Phenomena and Driving Question Boards to Spark Student Questioning Thornapple RoomChris Gleason Greener, Safer, Better....Chemistry Replacement Labs Riverview RoomJonathan Baek • Erika Fatura • Jennifer Sherburn Supporting Early Elementary Student Talk in Science Winchester RoomKirsten Edwards • Amelia Gotwals Expanding STEM: Developing Partnerships Pullman RoomKathy Agee • Maria Alvarez deLopez • Carol Shaffer Making It Real... Cheap! Ruby RoomDarrick Gregory • Julie Hahn • Jodi Heaney Modeling Science Practices and Standards Using Forensic Science Imperial BallroomKathy Mirakovits What’s So Phenomenal about Phenomena? Berkey RoomLawrence Hall of Science Assessing 3-D Learning Using Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning Resources Grandview ASusan Codere Integrating Computation in Science Across Computation Governor's RoomDanny Caballero • Julie Christensen • Paul Hamerski • Paul Irving • Nickolaus Ortiz • Niral Shah • David Stroupe • Dan Weller


How to Teach the NGSS Ecology Standards by Getting Kids Outside and using Invasive Species Emerald BWilliam Hodges Ecological Impacts - using place-based stewardship to engage students as citizens of their environment Vandenberg BSamantha Lichtenwald PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND RESPIRATION SHUFFLE Heritage RoomBill Cline • Shannon Mareski Airbag Models: Applying gas laws in the middle school chemistry classroom Riverview RoomHeather Barbash The Environmental Education (EE) Project Emerald ANatalie Elkins • Tracy Page Hacking Fortnite to Motivate Science Students Ford BallroomAndrew Vanden Heuvel Storytelling with a twist Kendall RoomLucinda Martinelli The Question Formulation Technique: Teaching Students to Formulate Their Own Questions Ottawa RoomMinna Turrell Thinking Three-dimensionally about Science Trade books Pearl RoomKatherine Pfeiffer • Mary Starr Engineering Design in the NGSS Atrium RoomMatt Moorman Engineering the Future Thornapple RoomGary Curts Exploring Kinetic Energy Transfers in Collisions Vandenberg AChris Blackstock • Kathleen Schutter The MiSTEM Network: Supporting Michigan's STEM Future Pullman RoomKristofer Pachla "Why Make?" A maker space experience for your classroom. Winchester RoomAmanda Cornwell • Julie Cunningham • Ashley O'Neil Biology Modeling Plaza Boardroom AAndrea Brook • Alison Maes • Fawn Phillips You Can Do It... Science in the K-2 Classroom Nelson RoomPaul Drummond • Sharon Moats Growing in 3D through the PLC Pantlind BallroomNathan Spencer Student Assessment: Standards Based Grading in a Three-Dimensional Classroom Imperial BallroomJim Clark • Samantha Johnson Picture Perfect Science K-2 Grandview B/CKatelyn Jelinek • Jim McDonald It can be done! Easy tools to empower students to steer their own learning Haldane RoomLuke Bowman • Christine Geerer • Monica Wyrwicz May the Force Be With You Ruby RoomDon Pata



Structure and Function in Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Riverview RoomChris Blackstock • Kathleen Schutter Catching Up With Carp: Updates and Ideas on Incorporating Invasive Carp into Your classroom Emerald ATracy Page PASCO Solutions: The Most Comprehensive Laboratory Experience for the Student and Educator of Today Plaza Boardroom AJulie Thomas - PASCO Tools for Thinking (not Worksheets) Pantlind BallroomEmily Pohlonski • Christie Morrison Thomas CELL DIFFERENTIATION AND GENE EXPRESSION Heritage RoomBill Cline • Shannon Mareski You Can Teach Computer Science, Yes… You!! Fine Arts RoomKathy Surd • Larry Wyn Science/Math Integration for a Sustainable Planet Vandenberg BAmanda Syers • Janet Vail Engaging Students in Asking Meaningful Questions Atrium RoomJulie Hilker • Sharon Moats How To Get K-5 Students To Use SEP and CCC Winchester RoomLaura Chambless Think Like an Engineer with Phenomenal Science Instruction! Berkey RoomTom Gantt Targeting Scientific Literacy Vandenberg AKaren Kudla Mi-STAR Information Session Haldane RoomYonee Bryant-Kuiphoff • Stephanie Tubman • Monica Wyrwicz STEM Teaching Tools 101 Ottawa RoomMegan Coonan • Connie Kennedy Teaching With Trees - Using Schoolyard Trees to Teach Disciplinary Core Ideas Emerald BBridget Booth The Science of Maple Sugaring Ruby RoomJanet Staal Getting through the modeling cycle: Supporting students in sense-making of phenomena in a PBL life science curriculum Grandview AIdit Adler • Renee Bayer • Consuelo Morales • Annette M Sparks My Favorite HHMI Biointeractive Resources for Teaching Introductory Biology Kendall RoomMark Eberhard Cholera Case Study Reunion Ford BallroomLisa Weise Active Programs Thornapple RoomGary Curts Gettin' Googly in the Science Classroom Pullman RoomCheryl Matas Mystery of Liquids Governor's RoomAkilah Franklin • Claire Lannoye-Hall Grand Slam 3-D Assessment—Researchers, Developers, and Practitioners to Build Capacity, Develop Items, and Implement Strategically Pearl RoomTJ Smolek • Mary Starr Phenomenon, Modeling, and Storyboards! Nelson RoomSteve Barry • Nancy Karre Picture Perfect Science 3-5 Grandview B/CKatelyn Jelinek • Jim McDonald Asking Questions and Planning and Conducting Experiments: Using the Question Formulation Technique Imperial BallroomJim Clark • Samantha Johnson



Find Out More About Mber - Model Based Biology Pullman RoomDiane Buchi Teaching Climate Change Standards in Biology Kendall RoomCraig Kohn • Christie Morrison Thomas CALLING ALL CARBONS Heritage RoomBill Cline Community Engagement in the Classroom Emerald BSean R. Griffin • Misty Klotz Engaging with Administrators - Starting conversations about supporting science Pearl RoomSandra Brock Michigan's Teacher Recognition Programs Ruby RoomJosh Roesner Modeling Mysteries & What To Do With Them Grandview B/CKatie Stevenson • Jill Workman NSTA Enhanced eBooks+ Kids Collection Nelson RoomLaura Chambless • Jennifer Evans How do you know what they know? Putting the students in charge of their learning. Emerald ASandra Brough-Gresh Argument-Driven Inquiry in the Elementary School Classroom Fine Arts RoomVictor Sampson From Students to Stewards – Leading students to plan and enact Stewardship Action Projects Atrium RoomHolly Hereau Using Computational Thinking Practices to Create Better Problem Solvers! Vandenberg BJessica Ashley • Michele Harris • Katlyn LeMere Exploring Cosmic Gamma Rays in a High School Classroom Riverview RoomKatelyn McCarthy Tweaking Assessments for NGSS Ottawa RoomWendi Vogel A Focus on Constructing Written Explanations in the Phenomenon-Based Classroom Thornapple RoomChris Gleason NextGenPBL: Supporting Transition to MSS Grandview AAngela Kolonich The use of Collaborative Inquiry in the Secondary Science Materials Adoption Process Plaza Boardroom ADavid Michael Egan • Kathleen Rainey Building a Model of Force as an interaction Vandenberg ALaura Sloma Materials driven inquiry Winchester RoomClaire Lannoye-Hall • Sandy Ling Maker-space Design Thinking Challenge Governor's RoomAmanda Cornwell • Julie Cunningham • Ashley O'Neil