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Saturday, March 2

8:00am EST

Engaging Evolution Resources to Deepen Learning Plaza Boardroom ACheryl Hach Putting the Pieces Together-Biology Sequencing and Units Imperial BallroomLara Gusty • Stephanie Niedermeyer Are you Science Woke? How to teach Science and integrate culturally relevant education Pullman RoomDuha Fahmy Michigan's Frogs and Toads Emerald ALarry Feldpausch PBL, Multi-Discipline Integration, and NGSS...Oh my! Can it be done? We share how! Grandview APaula Gentile Chemistry Teacher Meeting Fine Arts RoomMary Jordan McMaster The power of the NGSX experience in my classroom Pearl RoomWayne Wright Using Models and Images to Teach Shapes and Kinds of Land and Bodies of Water Berkey RoomTori Fowler • Stephen Mattox PROSPECTING FOR MINERAL ORE Heritage RoomBill Cline Power Your Classroom or School with Solar Energy - Student Driven Solar Ottawa RoomJoshua Barclay Reducing stress and enhancing learning with mindfulness Grandview B/CWendy Johnson Strategies to Scaffold Science Discussion in MS classroom Atrium RoomMary Buckwalter • Margaret Raupp • Amie J Snapke Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in the Context of Science: Integrating Literacy and 3D Science Instruction Pantlind BallroomVictor Sampson Water Quality: Developing Citizen Scientists Riverview RoomJackie Murray High School Students Can Do Astrophysics Too! Haldane RoomKatelyn McCarthy Radical Research Kendall RoomKristy Butler • Patti Richardson Grab their attention with Gizmos! Vandenberg BDiana Markley • Julie Parks Incorporating the Engineering Practices into a Physics Class Emerald BKevin Stedman Project-based STEM Challenges for Elementary Students Winchester RoomCrystal Brown Raising the rigor in your science classroom Ford BallroomMari Maltby • Cassey Tien Investigating Cell Structure and Function Beyond Paper Exercises! Governor's RoomTamica Stubbs Active Programs Thornapple RoomGary Curts Integrating STEM with Science Ruby RoomMarian Prince Who is Birdbrain Amos and What Does He Have to Do with the Hippo and Oxpecker? Nelson RoomSteve Barry • Nancy Karre Energy Across the Content Vandenberg ADon Pata

9:00am EST

Hands-on and creative teacher-developed invasive species lessons to achieve Michigan science standards Emerald BMaria Siciliano • Sara Forbing • Jeffrey Ram • Jessica Wagenmaker The power of the NGSX experience in my classroom Pearl RoomHolly Hereau Charts & Diagrams & Graphs, Oh My! Atrium RoomJamie Benigna • Alice Putti CHEMICAL FORMULA & AMINO ACIDS Heritage RoomBill Cline Empowered to Take Action: Engaging Environmental STEM Design Challenges with EarthEcho Vandenberg BSusan Tate Argumentation and Explanation in FOSS Ottawa RoomChris Blackstock • Kathleen Schutter Claim-Evidence-Reasoning: Scientific Explanations about Phenomena Haldane RoomPam O'Brien Muffins for Members Fine Arts RoomRobby Cramer • Betty Crowder • Brian Peterson That's Phenomenal! Science Teaching with a Twist Winchester RoomRob Keys Demonstrations that really grab attention! Riverview RoomMark Sheler Sink your Teeth into Science! Using Bite Mark Evidence to Teach Lab Skills and Logic Plaza Boardroom AAnne Jeannette LaSovage Literacy Fun in the Science Classroom: Add Some Pizzazz! Grandview AMelissa Buck-Underwood • Michelle Krentz Ten Tips for Motivating Students with Phenomena Grandview B/CDenise Bills • Jane Culp Innovation Learning with The Henry Ford Pullman RoomOlivia Marsh • Robert Oleary Strengthen STEM with Community Partnerships That Integrate Arts and Social Studies Berkey RoomJohn (Trey) Smith • June Teisan Science is a Verb, Not a Noun! Kendall RoomCraig Gaska Meaningful Moments - Project Based Learning and NGSS K-5 Imperial BallroomAmy Quinn Bioengineering challenges and middle school life science Pantlind BallroomJohn Howarth • Timothy Hurt Art and Science in Nature Emerald AChelsea OBrien • Nancy Berg

10:00am EST

Do you want to build a greenhouse? Plaza Boardroom AChad Scholten Missed Connections: Reuniting alternative students with their environment through a cross-curricular day in the field Berkey RoomSamantha Lichtenwald Particulate Drawings and Manipulatives Atrium RoomJamie Benigna • Alice Putti Maps as Models in Earth and Environmental Science Classroom Vandenberg BAndrew Bruen Designing Destructive Earthquakes Riverview RoomRobert Chaney • Fred Thomas Making Your NGSx Workshop Pop! Pearl RoomMike Gallagher National Geographic Geo-Inquiry Process Grandview B/CJessica Wagenmaker Supporting Students’ Scientific Explanations with CER Haldane RoomDawn Kahler Using Phenomena to drive student learning: examples from a 5th grade classroom using Next Generation Science Storylines Imperial BallroomHolly Hereau • Lynda O'Donnell Using Children's Literature in Inspire STEM Learning Nelson RoomKim Stilwell Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing! Kendall RoomNicole Jakubowski • Meghan Kurleto • Marlenn Maicki Showcasing High School STEM Research Ottawa RoomSandra Yarema The Genetics and Bioethics of Opioid Addiction and Treatment! Ford BallroomTamica Stubbs Science with a Story-line Emerald BAkilah Franklin • Claire Lannoye-Hall • Sandy Ling FOCUS: Inspiring Exploration and Discovery while Reading, Writing, Thinking, and Doing Winchester RoomSheryl Tavares Demystifying 3D NGSS and STEM Literacy Using the Phenomenon of Light Pullman RoomPam O'Brien Structuring Discussion to Be Equitable and Rigorous Thornapple RoomChris Gleason What if the Graduation Requirements do not make Sense for our Students? Governor's RoomRashell Bowerman Incorporating Modeling Instruction with Mi-STAR Fine Arts RoomYonee Bryant-Kuiphoff • Stephanie Wagner

11:00am EST

Diffusion, the Cell Membrane, and Ourselves: Biology Comes Alive through the Aesthetic Realism Method Plaza Boardroom ARosemary Plumstead • Sarah Ross Understanding Fields & Energy Vandenberg ADon Pata • Laura Ritter Enhancing Curriculum and Engaging Students Through Virtual Experiences Grandview B/CEric Nephew Students Leading Change to Protect Our Waterways Vandenberg BJoanna Allerhand • Jessica Vander Ark • Amanda Syers Improving Canned Labs to Increase Ownership & Understanding of Experiments Grandview ANina Jacks VR in Your Classroom Ruby RoomWalter Charuba Observations of How NGSX is Transforming Classrooms for Both Teachers and Students Riverview RoomKim Smith Kolasa How to Facilitate Student Equitable Discourse in the Classroom Kendall RoomNell Bielecki • Rachel Kent • George Nelson • Scott Stokes • Andrea Williams Head Full of STEAM Atrium RoomSteven Tezak Proven Instructional Practices in STEM: Setting ALL Students up for Success Nelson RoomChris Blackstock • Kathleen Schutter Gamification in the Biology Classroom Pantlind BallroomMary Burdgick Going Nuclear!!! Pearl RoomDoug Ragan • Christine Webster Flipping MEECS: Using Existing Materials in a Next Gen Classroom Emerald AGabrielle Likavec Don't Reinvent the Wheel- Creating Inquiry Experiences for Students Berkey RoomVanessa Logan Wentzloff Managing Group Talk & Teamwork Haldane RoomDawn Kahler • Kari Keith Writing in Science: Out of the Silo and Onto the Page Heritage RoomBrandon Groff Elementary and Middle School Extravaganza Imperial BallroomSusan Tate • Patti Bills • Conni Crittenden • Betty Crowder Coding Science Supplies! BEGINNER FRIENDLY! Ottawa RoomCameron Bancroft

12:00pm EST

1:00pm EST

Aquaculture Challenge: Engaging students with fish, plants, and so much more! Thornapple RoomElliot Nelson PASCO Solutions: The Most Comprehensive Laboratory Experience for the Student and Educator of Today Vandenberg BJulie Thomas How fast is your brain? Easily introduce Neuroscience to K-12 Science Classrooms Plaza Boardroom AWill Wharton Modeling in the Middle School Classroom Emerald AJessica Wagenmaker Protecting Michigan Inland Lakes Kendall RoomMelissa DeSimone • Mike Gallagher Supporting students in the development and revision of models Grandview B/CVictor Chen • Wayne Wright Using KLEWS and Investigation Notebooks in the classroom! Nelson RoomMarie Woodman Grading with Purpose: My Journey to Standards Based Grading Riverview RoomVanessa Logan Wentzloff Cool demonstrations for young science students without breaking the bank. Pearl RoomMark Sheler Using Arduino-based sensors on nanosatellites to engage middle and high school students with science and coding Ottawa RoomMatthew Cannady • John Howarth • Timothy Hurt NGSS Assessments: How will we know they are learning? Imperial BallroomPam O'Brien The NGSS teaching shift: Mber (Model Based Biology) will ignite you!! Berkey RoomHeidi Schuitema Stop Creating Lesson Plans: Start Creating Learning Experiences Emerald BDawn McCotter Natural Communities of the Great Lakes: Applying NGSS to field based learning Heritage RoomLiz Glynn Easy Tech for the Next Generation Science Standards Pantlind BallroomMaria Gonzalez Formative Assessment Using Tech Tools Fine Arts RoomMike Fine Never mind Strawberry Fields... Energy and Fields Forever Governor's RoomKristin Mayer • Laura Sloma Deconstructing CERs to help students construct explanations Haldane RoomJohn Kowalski • Tony Matthys Modeling dynamic systems using InsightMaker.com Pullman RoomChuck Palosaari Helping Students with D=RxT Ruby RoomMarian Prince Implementing the Shifts in the Next Generation Science Standards: Enacting The Sound Unit Through The Learning While Teaching Project Puts All The Pieces Together! Atrium RoomDeVette Brown • Wanda Bryant

2:00pm EST

10:00pm EST

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